Think on Your Feet®

You don’t have time to prepare. But your ideas are important. You have a point that needs to be made. the question is: How to can you be clear, brief and memorable? Think on Your Feet® means being able to do this - in less time and with more impact.
And the secret? The concept of "capsules of persuasion" - Ways to package ideas quickly.

Benefits to You
• Learn how to be: Clear, brief, memorable
• When you have: No time, some time, plenty of time
• To convey ideas to: Individuals, small groups, large audiences

Programme Outline
• Getting to the point & being remembered
• Presenting your ideas with speed & clarity
• Using handy fall-back techniques when you’re caught off guard
• Handling questions quickly, clearly and persuasively
• Using “visual” pegs as your structure
• Dividing information into facets, aspects or perspectives
• Bridging from question to answer
• Expanding or focusing your listener’s perspective
• Moving opposing viewpoints to a middle ground
• Selling the benefits of your ideas, products and services
• Illustrating your ideas
• Telling a story: What? Where? When? Why?
• Putting it all together
• Speed networking

Who Must Attend
• Professionals
• Managers
• Executives
• Anyone who needs to be clear and spontaneous


Duration 2 days
Member Fee RM 1,908.00
Non-Member Fee RM 1,908.00
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