The Drive Workshop : Engaging The Y Generation Workforce

The Ultimate Guide to Workplace Motivation and Employee Engagement…

What you will learn:

• How to develop a sense of autonomy, mastery and purpose in your organisation
• New systems of reward and recognition that will transform your organisation
• Three techniques that enable people to become more autonomous, self-motivated and engaged
• Tools to conduct your own monthly personal feedback review
• Processes that increase motivation and engagement


• Keeping your best employees
• Getting your employees to be your best advocates for great talent
• Getting people to volunteer to become better performers
• Keeping people operating in “FLOW”
• Discover how to provide challenging work that generates greater loyalty…
• Tap the wells of the innovative talents that are in your organisation

Workshop Outline

Topic1 : Engagement Needs An Upgrade (Science Behind the Workshop)

  • Rise and Fall of Motivation Models
  • Extrinsic (Type X) vs. Intrinsic (Type I) Motives
  • The Emerging Workplace
  • Motivation 3.0

Topic 2 : The Three Intrinsic Motivators (Anatomy, Master, Purpose)

Anatomy Audit (Time, Task, Team, Technique)
Results Only
Work Environment (ROWE)
Not-to-do List

Concept and application of FLOW
3 Laws of Mastery :
o Mastery is a Mindset
o Mastery is a Pain
o Mastery is an Asymptote
Performance Feedback
Job Re design


Purpose Driven Organization
What’s Your Statement?

Topic3 : Self Directed Feedback (intepersonal)

Topic 4: DRIVE Case Studies

  • Workshop Outline
  • Use customised or standard case studies for application
  • Sharing of group wisdom


Duration 1 days
Member Fee RM 1,060.00
Non-Member Fee RM 1,378.00
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Price is inclusive of 6% GST

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