Root Cause Analysis

Title Of Training Program

Root Cause Analysis and Practitioner


This course will cover all areas of the Root Cause Analysis (RCA) , concentrating on the
methodologies, tools, and techniques specific to RCA that can be deployed into your
organization. Participants will learn powerful strategies of acquiring efficient business processes, discoveringthe potential savings and results in high quality service level for a Global Success.

The Keys why you should attend this Interactive Course;

  • Root Cause Analysis helps identify what, how and whysomething happened, thus giving you the opportunity to prevent Recurrence
  • Root Causes are underlying, are reasonably identifiable, and can be controlled by management if people are allowed to generate useful recommendations that can be implemented.
  • The Root Cause Analysis process should include Data Collection,cause charting, root cause Identification, corrective action generation, and measurement for continued sustainability.
  • Increase the number of tools in your “Problem Solving toolbox” by adding Lean techniques to Quality Management Systems and your existing company procedures.
  • Forgetting to use “Human Leadership” skills will definitely slow down the improvement process and hide many of the real root causes.

Course Outline

DAY 1 :

 Overview and Expectations
 Introduction to Why Root Cause Analysis is needed in all organizations
 Understanding why most problem solving does not cure the root cause
 Introduction to a systematic Problem Solving approach
 Understanding how analytical and creative thinking must be integrated
 Identifying and reviewing the tools needed for Root Cause Analysis
 Classroom exercise to establish a problem to be solved for classroom measurements
 opportunities (breakout exercise)

 Development and discovery of root causes and their difference from symptoms
 Developing a clear and measurable
 Problem Statement (Exercise)
 Learning to build the 7-Step systematic
 Problem Solving technique
 Apollo Methodology
 • 3 different ways to use a Cause and Effect (Ishikawa) diagram
 • Understanding how to use the 5-Whys or maximum identification of root cause
 Using Nested Pareto Charts for root cause identification

DAY 2 :

• Using Logic Tree analysis
• Classroom exercise to review the problem
And apply root cause analysis tools (breakout exercise)
• Applying Value Stream mapping tool
• Applying Basic Quality Management tools
• Planning for Corrective Action Report

• Understanding the “Human” side of finding root causes for problems
• Management’s involvement in supporting this Root Cause Analysis
• Development of an Action Plan to implement Corrective Actions
• Identifying Leadership requirements to make the Corrective action
• Determining how to continuously measure the Corrective Actions for sustainability


Duration 2 days
Member Fee RM 932.80
Non-Member Fee RM 1,166.00
SMECorp Funding Yes

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