Malaysian-Swiss Smart Factory Technical Overview: Enabling Technology for Industry


The program offers a platform for knowledge sharing and demonstrations of technology to help industries upgrade and digitize operations to Industry 4.0 standards.

This course provides an overview on the following modules:

1. Operational Technologies (OT)

  • Smart Factory
  • Cyber-Physical Systems

2. Information Systems and Technology (IT)

  • Cloud-based Services
  • Big Data & Analytics
  • Smart Operation Technology

3.  Digital Factory (DF)

  • Digital Twin
  • Digital Product Memory

Target audience:

Engineers, Technicians, Technical Managers, Production Managers, Academia with relevant background.

Upon successful completion of training, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the component of smart factory and cyber-physical systems. The program offers demonstration of enabling technology and tools that facilitates the implementation of Industry 4.0
  • Identify the platforms supporting industrial IT within the 3 main areas; cloud-based services, big data and analytics, smart operation technology
  • Understand the underlying technology for digital factory, providing insights in digital twin and digital product memory

Lesson Plan

Day 1 

Smart Factory

  • Introduction: Smart Factory Concept
  • The Smart Factory System Architecture

Cyber-Physical Systems

  • Automation Pyramid
  • Relevant Communication Standards

Case Study


Technology Demonstration

  •  IO Link Sensors
  •  IoT Gateway

o   NodeRED

o   MQTT


  • Discussions
  • Knowledge sharing

Day 2 

Cloud-based Services

  • Analysis and design principles for cloud and edge connections
  • Interoperable IT-based communication standards

Big Data & Analytics

Analysis and design principles for (big) data analytical applications

Technology Demonstration

  • Cloud platform
  • Visualization
  • Machine Learning

Smart Operation Technology

  • Design and implementation of advanced human-machine-systems
  • Analysis and design principles for usability and user acceptance

Digital Twin

  • Analysis and design principles for digital twin representations
  • Interoperable information models for description of digital twins (machines, tools, equipment)

Digital Product Memory

  • Analysis and design principles for cross-value-chain digital product memories
  • Interoperable information models for description of products

Technology Demonstration

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) platform


Duration 2 days
Member Fee RM 3,000.00
Non-Member Fee RM 3,000.00
PSMB Scheme SBL Khas
SMECorp Funding -

Price is inclusive of 6% GST

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