LEAN Manufacturing - Fundamental and Standardization Workshop (Kart Factory)

Title Of Training Program

Lean Manufacturing: Fundamental and Standardization Workshop (Kart Factory)


Target Group

The course is intended for Manufacturing Supervisors, Engineers, Executives, Managers and Directors for companies which strive for excellent production system.



This course aims to provide a complete and progressive pathway towards a conception of lean production not confined only to configuration aspects. This course will specify the fundamental importance of standardization in order to achieve reliability and excellence in performance and instill the concept of continuous improvement.

The course objectives to:

·         Provide the practical experience of performance stability after standardization

·         Establish well developed standard through job element analysis

·         Maximize productivity through line balance optimization

·         Conduct effective operator training and construct skill or competence mapping

·         Apply first 2 S and Kaizen Activities


Training Methodology

The entire training pathway is based upon 3 principles:

Experiential Learning Principle

·         Learn by doing (experiential training)

·         Realistic training environment, through a simulated factory

·         Bottom up : theory follows practice


Mistake Proofing Principle

·         Learning from mistake

·         Constructive review of the errors made


Teamwork Principle

·         Team learning

·         Learning through the exchange of ideas


Training Program Outline

Day 1

1.1 Kart Factory Introduction

1.2 Principles and basic concepts

1.3 1st Simulation : Current Layout (Job Shop) experience

1.4 Kaizen activities

1.5 2nd Simulation

1.6 Theory and Application on 1st S


Day 2

2.1 Standardization and Validation

2.2 3rd Simulation

2.3 Relation Diagrams and 1st Line Balancing

2.4 Theory and Application on 2nd S


Day 3

3.1 Non Value Added measurement activities

3.2 Standard Operating Sheet

3.3 Final Line Balance

3.4 2nd S Audit

3.5 4th Simulation

3.6 Training and Skill Mapping

3.7 Training Audit

3.8 5th Simulation


Day 4

4.1 Team Leadership

4.2 Team Leader Training and Operator Cross Training

4.3 More Kaizen Activities

4.4 6th Simulation

4.5 Closure and Conclusion


Duration 4 days
Member Fee RM 2,798.40
Non-Member Fee RM 3,498.00
SMECorp Funding Yes

Price is inclusive of 6% GST

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