IPC-CID Certified Interconnect Designer (PCB Designer)

IPC PCB Designer Certification Program - Certified Interconnect Designer (CID)

This program is catered for basic level PCB Designers who wish to certify their experience and expertise. It assesses a designer’s knowledge of how to transform a schematic into a reliable rigid PCB design, which can be easily manufactured, assembled and tested.

The IPC Designers Council recognizes that even the most effective designers must also have a solid foundation in PCB fabrication and assembly. This program test is based on several critical IPC documents that link design principles to the end product use of the printed circuit assembly.

Why Certify?

In a business climate where work projects grow in complexity and more demanding, IPC

Certification stands as a clear testimony to your qualifications, your knowledge, and your skills.

Printed circuit board designers deserve the benefits and recognition of certification. Industry trends – such as outsourcing and concurrent engineering – are elevating the importance of the designer.IPC Designer and Advanced Designer Certifications are powerful tools in promoting your role to everyone involved in the production of printed circuit boards and assemblies.

What to know and How to study?

The workshop provides an in-depth overview of the principles contained in the examination and is strongly recommended for anyone interested in obtaining the certification.

Designers may opt to prepare on their own before taking the exam, or enroll in a 2-day IPC Designer Certification (CID) Preparation Workshop.

Designer certification testing is done on-site at a workshop location the day after the course concludes. Individuals who do not feel prepared to take the test immediately after the preparation workshop may also opt to delay the test at a later date, by informing the trainer.

The two hour examinations are in a multiple choice format. Answer choices are all plausible; therefore, you must indicate the most correct answers. Occasionally, you must indicate multiple correct answers or identify certain characteristics from a diagram. The examination is graded and a review is conducted on-site.

Certificate will be issued by IPC USA/SHRDC Training Centre and mailed to candidates after the exam. *Sample exam questions for both Designer Certification (CID and CID+) programs can be viewed at http://dc.ipc.org. Studying in advance is strongly recommended.

Registration and Workshop/Exam Information

The Workshop Package fee includes a 2-day Preparation Workshop, one-day Exam and all study materials, which will be sent as soon as IPC USA / SHRDC Training Centre received your registration form and payment.

The 2-day workshop will begin at 9:00 am and conclude at 5:30 pm each day, with pre-registration starts at 8:30 am on the first day. The exam will be administered in the morning on the final day, with a review of the test following lunch and concluding session by 3:00 pm.

Advanced registration is required for all Designer workshops. Individuals should register at least four weeks in advance from the course date in order to receive the materials prior to the workshop.


There will be no refund for any cancellation once material is shipped. Nevertheless, candidates may request to transfer registration to another date by contacting IPC USA/ SHRDC Training Centre.  



Duration 4 days
Member Fee RM 6,800.00
Non-Member Fee RM 6,800.00
PSMB Scheme SBL/SBL Khas
SMECorp Funding -

Price is inclusive of 6% GST

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