EMS Program Management Training and Certification

Earn the CEPM credential and build clients for life!
IPC EMS Program Management Training & Certification
15-19 June 2015, Malaysia

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Reformatted to reduce travel expenses and out-of-office time for attendees, the new IPC EMS Program Management Training and Certification is now a three-part, multi-focused educational program for all levels of EMS management that culminates with the valuable CEPM credential.
•• Essentials of EMS Program Management
•• EMS Leadership Training and Certification Exam
•• Basic Business Skills (self-study/online)

Program management in an EMS environment involves overseeing all business and technical aspects of a project —  and requires skills and knowledge that can take years
to master.
Shave years off the learning curve by registering for IPC EMS Management Training and Certification. Developed with input from the IPC EMS Management Council, the
program covers operations, finance, contracts, time management, leadership and more. With an investment of two weeks, program participants gain a broad perspective and appreciation of the many responsibilities of an EMS management executive.

In the highly competitive EMS environment, the knowledge and wisdom of staff directly responsible for client services and program management reflects on your company’s reputation and commitment to quality customer service. Make sure your staff has the tools and training they need to provide the level of service that ensures clients for life, strengthens leadership in your company, increases your company’s marketability and improves your bottom line.

Benefits of EMS Program Management Certification

For companies:
•• Provide your employees with the tools they need to excel.
•• Earn tangible and visible credentials that affirm your company’s commitment to customer service.
•• Strengthen the leadership in your company. 
•• Increase the marketability of your company.
•• Improve your bottom line.

For individuals:
•• Fully understand the responsibilities of managing programs in an EMS facility.
•• Appreciate your unique role in the sales process.
•• Recognize key issues important to EMS customers.
•• Strengthen leadership skills, and know when and how to use them.
•• Learn problem-solving techniques for specific EMS situations.
•• Embrace key components of project plan development and execution.
•• Comprehend methods to control the scope of a project and on-time completion.
•• Gain demonstrable knowledge of contractual issues specific to the EMS industry.
•• Apply supervisory actions that build employee capability

“ The IPC Program Management Training and Certification has been an excellent training program for our managers. It is a very good value and great resource available to the EMS industry.”
Paul Forker, CEPM, Vice President, Business Development
Quality Production, Ltd.

CLASSROOM TRAINING (approximately 40 hours)

Essentials of EMS Program Management
Students spend three valuable days building upon the business concepts covered in the Distance Learning segment by applying them to specific EMS situations. Through interactive lectures, group discussions and exercises with other students, they continue to expand their knowledge of EMS program and operations management. After completing the segment, participants have a well-rounded understanding of the industry and are prepared for the real situations they will
face every day on the job.

EMS Leadership Training & Certification Exam
EMS Leadership Training covers the communication skills necessary to be effective in program management as an EMS executive. Often referred to as the most important quality of any successful executive, leadership is the key focus of this segment of the training program. Students will learn the techniques needed to influence and lead the people and teams involved in any customer project.

Certification Test and Requirements for CEPM Certification
At the conclusion of EMS Leadership Training, candidates are tested (closed book exam) to demonstrate understanding and knowledge about program management in the EMS industry. A score of 73 percent or better is required to pass the exam.
Full certification as a CEPM will be conveyed to candidates who successfully complete the exam and possess a minimum level of work experience. View details of the work experience requirement as well as re-certification at www.ipc.org/emscert.

DISTANCE LEARNING (approximately 40 hours)

Basic Business Skills
This self-paced learning segment allows participants to study at their convenience and can help them strengthen areas where they may be weak. Students are introduced to fundamental business concepts through a series of online courses. Topics cover subject matter such as contracts, finance, budgets and inventory management. Upon completing the segment, students comprehend fundamental business concepts and understand how to apply them to specific EMS industry situations.

“ The IPC certification program was of great value to me. It focused on many of the primary areas I deal with regularly, including operations, financial issues, contracts, decision making and leadership. I left the program with a well-rounded education regarding program management in the EMS industry.”
Bob Vetter, CEPM, Program Manager
John Deere Electronic Solutions, Inc.

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