Advanced Computer Aided Analysis


This program will provide knowledge of performing engineering stresses analysis. In addition, it will make use of the CAE software to facilitate the engineering analysis. 


After successful completing this program, the participant will be able to:
• Analyze engineering problem and solved it analytically or by intuition.
• Know the possible reason/ cause behind every engineering problem.
• Conduct CAE analysis on mechanical parts.


Analysts, Mangers, Lead Engineers and those are responsible for engineering and development process


Unit 1 Analyze mechanical parts analytically
- Predict weakness area on parts
- Perform simple engineering stresses calculation

Unit 2 Part modeling for stress analysis
- Simple geometry modeling
- Prepare model to suit/comply stress analysis application

Unit 3 Introduction to FEM stress analysis
- Requirements/information needed for analysis
- Results available

Unit 4 Pre-analysis procedure (Meshing)
- Importance of meshing
- Solid mesh
- Types of element (linear, quadratic triangle, linear, quadratic tetrahedral, brick elements)
- Shell Mesh
- Thickness definition
- Automatic / mapped meshing

Unit 5 Pre-analysis procedure (Boundary Conditions)
- Define forces
- Define restraint
- Define temperature

Unit 6 Solver
- Introduction to various capability of stress analysis solver option

Unit 7 Post-analysis
- Display result
- Present result
- Interpret result

Unit 8 Parts re-design
- Procedure to modify design
- Re-solve analysis


Duration 3 days
Member Fee RM 1,590.00
Non-Member Fee RM 1,802.00
SMECorp Funding Yes

Price is inclusive of 6% GST

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