8D Problem Solving


8D Problem Solving


In this course, the participants will acquire specific skills and knowledge to solve problem in a systematic manner. Among the essentials skills and knowledge to achieve these results is by applying the methodology and clearly distinguish the various types of actions required in different stages of problem solving. The participants will acquire the skills and knowledge to systematically and correctly response to internal or external customer complaints. Thus, thorough solutions are developed to achieve customer satisfaction, trust and/or retention. This course covers the basic skills and knowledge required to solve problem deriving from customer complaint or internally driven for continuous improvement. It covers in-depth understanding and ability to distinguish various types of actions in different stages to address the issue correctly and accurately. This systematic 8D methodology applies well in both individual and team approach manner.


This course is suitable for all personnel that are responsible to solve operational issues and response to (internal & external) customer complaints,
 • Functional Managers / Head of Departments
 • Production & Technical personnel
 • R&D
 • QA
 • Sales / Planning / Customer Liaison


For each of the topic covered, the participants are introduced with fundamental concepts and immediately follow-up with related learning activity to facilitate learning. In such, participants are required to perform the tasks through group activity discussion and analysis in a work-relate simulated situation to demonstrate the learning topic outcome.



1. Introduction
Understand course objectives
 Learning Objectives
 About Team Approach
 Setting Team Approach Context
 Conventional vs Team Approach
 Team Development Process

2. 8D Overview
Basic introduction to 8D
 8D History & Description
 8D Stumbling Block
 When to apply 8D
 The 8D Methodology

3. D1 – Form the Team
Understanding team issues and Building the team
 Generic 8D reporting format
 Team members
 Champion
 Team Leader
 Members
 Benefits of team approach
 Why do teams fail?
 Major hindrances to the team
 D1 – Steps Summary

4. D2 – Describe the Problem
Analyze and understand the problem extend
 Understanding the Customer Problem
 Types of Problem
 5W and 2H
 5W and 2H Format
 D2 – Steps Summary

5. D3 – Contain the Problem, Interim Actions
Define and develop interim actions
 Containment / Interim Actions
 D3 – Steps Summary

6. D4 – Identify & Verify Root Causes
Analyze root causes of the problem
 Establish Root Causes
 Root cause analysis – Why-Why Analysis
 Root cause analysis – Cause & Effect Diagram
 D4 – Steps Summary

7. Summary
Course reflection
 Learning summary

Day 2

8. D5 – Formulate & Verify Corrective Actions
Define and develop corrective actions
 Corrective Actions
 D5 – Steps Summary

9. D6 – Implement Permanent Corrective Actions
Implement the corrective actions
 Corrective Actions – Walk the Talk
 D6 – Steps Summary

10. D7 – Prevent the Problem, Recurrence
Define and develop preventive actions
 Preventive Actions
 D7 – Steps Summary

11. D8 – Congratulate your Team
Developing employees
 Team Recognition

12. Summary
Course reflection
 Tools application – revision
 Learning & Application summary


Duration 2 days
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